Posted by mabel on Mar 08, 2017

University of Pittsburgh's podcast Being Human aims to create conversations between the humanities and other disciplines -- conversations that let humanists and scholars in other fields learn from each other and create new forms of understanding as the 21st century unfolds. This interview was with Assistant Director Dan Kubis. 


Listen to our conversation "Politics of Space" on Being Human

Posted by mabel on Jan 21, 2017


“I think one of the stumbling blocks is that the nature of the black experience in this [country], does indicate something about the total American history which frightens Americans,” declared writer and critic James Baldwin in reply the question posed in a 1968 congressional hearing in lower Manhattan as whether or not the U.S. government should fund a Museum of…
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Posted by mabel on May 26, 2016

Design & Racism 2

Fundambulist Podcast #109


This second conversation of the series complementing The Funambulist 5 Magazine (May-June 2016) dedicated to Design & Racism borrows its title from Audre Lorde’s words cited by Mabel O. Wilson at the beginning of the “Critical Dialogues on Race and Modern Architecture” that she organized at Columbia University in February 2016. Throughout this…
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Posted by mabel on Apr 06, 2015

Tell slavery's violent story through its architecture

published by Al-Jazeera America


“Local folks don’t want to talk — especially to us white folks,” the manager of Evergreen told me.

This was 12 years ago, while I was touring the large plantation as it was undergoing renovation along the famous Plantation Alley between the southern cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans,…
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Posted by mabel on Nov 13, 2013

This commentary was commissioned by MoMA curator Paula Antonelli and design scholar Jamer Hunt as part of a MoMA online-exhibition Design and Violence


Should I be offended or delighted by Vlieger & Vandam’s bright red Guardian Angel handbag? Love it or hate it, this seemingly benign object, with its sinister edge, elicits myriad conflicting reactions and associations.

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Posted by mabel on Jul 18, 2013


7AM. Crisp, chilly, snap feels the Joburg air. For my morning ritual here, I lay in bed watching the sun break the blue horizon and draw its light across the wall of my room.  At first a soft pink light peeks through the darkness. Slowly intensifying its yellow cast, the sun rakes its shadows down the rough-hewn wall whose bricks radiate the warm reddish gold of their Gauteng earth. I’m told that this particular…
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Posted by mabel on Jun 03, 2013

Negro Building is on award winning writer Junot Diaz's reading list.  Please read the excellent new one by Junot:  This is How You Lose Her.








Posted by mabel on Jun 03, 2013

Jamer Hunt, designer education innovator and  director of Parson's the New School's new MFA program in Transdisciplinary Design, invited me to deliver a short commencement speech to their second graduating class.  Almost rendered speechless at the prospect of dispensing words of wisdom, this is what I managed to cull together to address an inspiring group of smart committed…
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